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Explore “F*ck Buddies”

Who Needs The Baggage of Commitment When You Can Have Loyal
“F*ck Buddies”, explores this upcoming MX Original Series

In today’s world, 50% of the couples between the age group of 20-28 prefer live-in-relationships. Breathing life into this trend is India’s leading streaming platform – MX Player that launches the trailer of F*ck Buddies, a Tamil series which is a modern take on relationships. Produced by Gold Television Network, F*ck Buddies focuses on the progressive norms of romance for the post-millennials.

Poster FB .jpeg

The drama series revolves around a couple who share a relationship to satisfy each other’s physical needs. They don’t want strings attached by being emotional or having to share expenses or caring about the other, but soon after predictable chaos arises. The show stars Jaytesh Calpakkam and Jikki Nair, who are also the writers and directors of the show.

On the trailer launch, Jaytesh said, “The series talks about the space in relationships that is very relevant in today’s time. It is an entertaining and relatable drama that viewers can watch on MX Player for free.”

 “The concept of F*ck Buddies is not new. It is a trend that is being followed by millennials now. The way the show has been put across is very different and engaging” added Jikki.

Watch the trailer here:

YT Censored

YT Uncensored

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